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Fitness SA Championship

Fitness SA, better known as Mr & Ms Fitness SA,  was launched by me in the year 2000. As “Gladiator Diamond”, I wanted to give back to my sport of Fitness and Body Building, a bit of the spoil I had experienced as a Gladiator and I also wanted the Fitness Pageant to be more elegant and glamorous and give a platform to the ladies to feel comfortable in stepping on stage, in such a skimpy bikini, and not feel exposed, so therefore the standard of Fitness SA has always been of very high standard.

Our first show had 15 ladies (as I had not yet thought of having the men step on my stage, as there were enough Body Building shows going around to accommodate them) but due to great demand, our show was opened to the Men’s Model guys in 2002  and we started with 50 model guys at my second show. From there the rest is history. We were sold out in year 3 at Grand West Market Hall and luckily the Grand Arena was built, thereafter,  to accommodate  the 150 athletes, and 1500 spectators, that the show had drawn over the years, because of the “World Class” standard we maintained.

My stage had given many , “Now Celebrities” from professional, International Dancers, to TV celebrities, to Fitness Icon (but to name a few), the platform to step on, and step out into their professional careers. The show had given the confidence to many, as I had hoped for.

I took a break from all of this for 4 years, but the sport of Fitness had given me the discipline in my life that had not only helped so many others, but myself also, to achieve what I have up till now, that I feel it is time to bringing this all back again.

So looking forward, Lord Willing, to making this show what it was again, and give the New, Young Generation the same platform to grow and excel.

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